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As previously said, the basic behavior is to provide something to its descendants. We use the builder to tell the Provider what it needs to provide. The BuildContext corresponds to the one of the Provider. So the previous code could also have been written as follows:. Depending on both the nature of the data you are handling with the Provider and the case, there will be circumstances where you will have to set this optional parameter to false in order to prevent unnecessary rebuildings… but I will come back on this parameter a bit later.

The only visible differences are:. Both the externalization of the provision of the value to be provided and the conditional notification are, according to me, the biggest added values of the Provider , compared to other Providers such as my BlocProvider or others. As the Provider is in total control of the moment when to ask for the provision of the value to be provided , it ensures that that value is not asked twice. In other words, not instantiated twice. This is thanks to the externalization of its parameter builder which is called at its internal implementation of a StatefulWidget initState method.

If your understanding of a State Management System is to have one place to keep a state or a value, a model… and make it available to whoever needs to access it, yes this can also be considered as a State Management System but then a basic Singleton class may also be considered as a State Management solution. Therefore, I agree with the package author: the Provider is not a State Management System by itself but could be considered as a part of a State Management System.

Simply because the Provider does not limit itself to providing. The Provider is also a kind of Notifier. As the Consumer Widget is a convenient widget that wraps the Provider.

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As it is the Consumer that invokes the Provider. Even if the author says it is not, the ChangeNotifierProvider and ListenableProvider could easily be compared to some alternative to Scoped Model. Definitely NO. Is it necessary? In this particular implementation, it is not necessary as inside the build method of this Widget there is no other possible trigger to force the rebuild, however, there is also no need of registering this context as a dependency of the InheritedWidget. This explains why I set listen to false.

The answer is NO but if you change your code to the following one, it will work:. If you set this parameter to false opposite of the default value , yes you can use it inside an initState , otherwise, you may not and you will have to use it inside the didChangeDependencies method, for example.

The default value of the listen optional parameter is set to true. This means that each time you are invoking the Provider. The Counter model has been provided via the ChangeNotifierProvider. Because of the listen optional parameter being left to the default value, each time the Counter model will call its notifyListeners method, this button will be rebuilt.

Therefore, when you simply need to get access to a model to use its methods, do not forget to set listen: false to prevent from rebuilding….

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This section focuses on the StreamProvider and in particular on the fact that either the StreamController case of use of StreamProvider. The Azure provider's bugs and feature requests can be found in the GitHub repo issues.

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Instead, use a thumbs up reaction on enhancement requests. Provider maintainers will often prioritize work based on the number of thumbs on an issue. Community input is appreciated on outstanding issues! We love to hear what use cases you have for new features, and want to provide the best possible experience for you using the Azure provider. The provider maintainers will often use the assignee field on an issue to mark who is working on it.

If you have configuration questions, or general questions about using the provider, try checking out:.

Possible values are public , usgovernment , german , and china. Defaults to public. When authenticating as a Service Principal using a Client Certificate, the following fields can be set:.

More information on how to configure a Service Principal using a Client Certificate can be found in this guide. When authenticating as a Service Principal using a Client Secret, the following fields can be set:.