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By his 80th birthday in , he had come to the end of his working life. He lived for another decade, in an increasingly dependent condition, until he died from heart failure on 7 December at the age of 90 years. Three of his former houses have a blue plaque on them: in Wimbledon , Brixham , and Islip.

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Jesus in Rome with Joshua Podro. The Anger of Achilles.

Poets of the Second World War

Food for Centaurs. Greek Gods and Heroes. Selected Poetry and Prose ed. James Reeves. London: Hutchinson, Oxford Addresses on Poetry. The Siege and Fall of Troy. The Big Green Book. New York: Doubleday, ; London: Cassell, But they did emerge with their beliefs intact, and especially their people in the essential nobility and heroism of the human being.

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The war would heavily influence their choice of careers and the books they produced, and those books have had an enormous influence on tens of millions of people. And their friendship at Oxford University is arguably the most important friendship of the 20 th century. The two were J. Tolkien and C. He makes a powerful case. By sifting through letters, accounts of battles, and The Hobbit , The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Chronicles of Narnia , Loconte meticulously identifies both specific and general influences.

But he also does considerably more. Loconte neatly provides the social, historical, and cultural context for the period leading up to the war. And then he explains how the war shredded so many belief systems progressive Christianity and the idea of progress among them and what happened to the literary and cultural environment afterward. Pivotal to the eventual success of both men was a conversation in , one that started as a dinner invitation from Lewis to Tolkien and another friend, Hugo Dyson, and ended in the wee hours of the next morning with the once atheist Lewis believing in God.

Lewis and Tolkien had become friends at Oxford in the late s because of a shared love for the Old Norse tales and a shared experience in the Great War. Instead, it ended up in their stories as specific scenes and general themes.

This current work has something of a personal aspect for him, in that his grandfather fought for the United States in the Great War. Siegfried Sassoon and The War Poems. The Poetry of World War I.