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Down to Earth review – breezy eco-doc forsakes hard answers for platitudes

Down To Earth was started by environmentalist Anil Agarwal , who had a dream and commitment to make us aware of our challenges and believed that we could be the change in the world. It started in as a print magazine — our first cover was the ecological globalisation in the inter-connected world.

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Since then we have come a long way or not as the world is more aware of the dangers of climate change and yet even less prepared to deal with challenges of local and global environmental management. Down To Earth is available in print — every fortnight we bring you detailed analysis and perspectives on the world around us.


You can also get this print edition in digital form — download it on your IPAD or get a pdf copy. Like all publishers all over the world we are struggling to get the balance between our website and print edition. But we believe we need both — and we hope you will agree. The team at Down To Earth is skilled and passionate.

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It knows you crave for new ideas; you want to know what is changing in our world that is for the good. It also knows that we all have a duty to hope.

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We look at ways people are working in forests, farms and factories to make a difference. In our experience scaling up invariably requires a change in some policy, rule or regulation. Our objective is to provide this understanding for impact.

We know we make a difference. We know this because our articles are used to push policy; used to challenge status quo; used to spread the word about what is possible. We know you believe in our independence.

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View complete subscription detail. The planet doesn't have a price tag, but Dear Friend, Down To Earth is a readers-supported product of passion and commitment. That is why it has been able to evade any commercial lures, and has emerged as an impeccable leader in journalism that talks of people - you - and the planet. To say it simply, we put people before profit.