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Going Underground. Madmen in Theory and Practice. Going on a Bear Hunt. Days of the Jackals.

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Such Harmonious Madness. The Road to Ruritania. Lords of the Beasts and Fishes. Morbid Symptoms.

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In the Jungle Labyrinth. Lets Do the Time Warp Again. Eternal Vigilance. Crossing the Psychic Frontier. The Paranoia Blues. I had no idea, in other words, that Philip K.

Strange days indeed : the golden age of paranoia / Francis Wheen | National Library of Australia

Dick was such a good representative of though obviously not a product of this era. In a sense, the s now make a kind of sad, sick sense. Not that it excuses Reagan, Reaganomics, the haircuts or the ugly sweaters or the crappy music.

But I get it, now, how a culture could end up like that. It felt like science fiction to read, and it feels like science fiction when I hold it up to reflect our world today. But if we are whiling away the last bit of time before oblivion, then this is the book to read to figure it out. Not why… just, whether the writing was on the wall before, where it was, and what the exact words were. It certainly has me eager to read his How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World as well as, more surely, his biography of Marx.

No worries! I hope you enjoy it. I am looking forward to getting into his book about the s as well, sometime… but not for now.

Strange Days Indeed

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