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JAEFF Nation will examine national identity, cultural memory and perceptions of history in Japan with a programme of classic avant-garde cinema and contemporary experimental short form film. With over 10 matches lined up and more to be announced, Japan House welcomes guests to watch the world cup on an ultra-high definition four metre by two metre screen The three masters of the Ohara School will present a two-hour show of wonderful arrangements and give their personal insights into the art of Ikebana.

Britain and Japan at the Table. National food and cuisine are important aspects of cultural diplomacy and hospitality. Celebratory banquets and feasts have always been part of the life of politicians, ambassadors, and monarchs, who often share delicacies and elaborate dishes representing national culinary excellence while discussing political matters and international affairs The new system allows them to secure the cooperation of companies and gather evidence to prosecute individuals Japan Tide and Leyden Gallery would like to invite you to two one-week exhibitions.

The Japan Society is delighted to present Saori freestyle weaving workshop, led by Janine, who has kindly offered these workshops to Japan Society members at a significantly discounted price. During this special three-hour workshop, you will be introduced to the intuitive art of Saori weaving The Japan Foundation is proud to partner with Open City Documentary Festival on screenings of a selection of works by critically-acclaimed Japanese director Naomi Kawase Sway Gallery London is proud to present an exciting, purrcent cat-themed pop-up, introducing over items, including collectables, kawaii crafts and folk toys, artworks, as well as Japanese woodblock prints!

The 21st Century Group is a non-Governmental forum. It was set up in to help cement closer links between British and Japanese politicians, business and media figures, and academics Emily is an English-language piece written in the stately form of Japanese Noh theatre, a beguiling combination of mask, dance and chant. Rakugo comic monologues have a long history in Japan, and have grown in popularity in recent years In recent years, visual design has been used in a variety of scenes, whether we are conscious of it or not. The club is open to all people who would like to improve their skills at speaking in Japanese or English and to learn techniques and tricks to expand their communication and presentation abilities We are delighted to welcome James D.

Keiko Takemiya is arguably one of the most influential manga artists in Japan. Starting her career as an artist in late while still a teenager, her fame rapidly grew to stardom Constantly evolving in its narrative structures as well as the pictorial expression Origami and music. A multi-media opera installation. Manga has boomed in popularity in recent years. Whilst it is enjoyed globally by a varied audience, there remains a lack of understanding about its breadth and depth, and its relationship with Japan and the rest of the world. This symposium aims to redefine manga by suggesting ways of looking at it as a cultural activity and an expression of historical activities This exhibition focuses on a series of watercolours portraying the picturesque views of Kyoto and its surroundings painted by the artist in homage to the genre of 16th century screen paintings depicting the scenery of the then capital of Japan.

In the last week of the exhibition, which will close on 26th August, this event is a great opportunity for a second view of the exhibition or for a last minute visit illuminated by the insights and final considerations of its curators Our annual Summer Explorers season is back as a summer treat - now with new venue and dates! From over the top, offbeat narratives of psychic teenagers and upstart political wrangling in a high school environment, to spectacular battles between good and evil Absolute beginners and all skill levels welcome.

A Thousand Cranes will be returning to the minka house at Kew Gardens to give performances of the story of Tanabata, through the medium of traditional kamishibai — paper board — theatre. Tanabata is the Japanese festival that celebrates the coming together of two stars, Orihime and Hikoboshi, who can only meet once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th month.

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This year, join us at Kew Gardens to enjoy workshops, activities and performances marking this ancient summer celebration In conversation She has become fascinated with the traditional Japanese tattoos, Irezumi, which then led her to the discovery of Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Do you like manga? Are you interested in language? If so, why not come join our free interactive session on Japanese used in manga on 27th July!. This event will bring together industry profressionals, academics, and athletes to discuss the importance of AI and robotics in the field of accessibility.

Part one of the symposium will focus on the current state of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and Part two will focus on accessibility in other areas Faced with wide-ranging challenges in the global economy, including trade tensions and increasing calls to reform the WTO, the world needs strong leadership to uphold the multilateral trading system Comedy play about two Japanese students who come to study English and their adventures in London and relationship with British host family. The Japan Youth Challenge are proud to present a public screening of the short documentary Imphal The onbashira festival takes place every six years in the area around Lake Suwa in Nagano prefecture.

It involves the cutting down of huge cedar trees which are then ridden down the steep mountain slopes, eventually being set up in the sacred precincts of the Suwa Grand Shrine.. Applications are now open for the Japan Youth Challenge We are currently looking for 50 British students to join their Japanese counterparts.. Golden Kamuy, currently one of the most popular manga in Japan and increasingly read internationally, reveals a dramatic and inspiring storyline replete with cultural diversity, violence, adventures of survival, love and heart-warming laughter JET programme predeparture orientation and reception.

Travel advice and Japanese language sessions followed by a reception with invited guests. Its complex array of flavours and aromas include apricot, apple, rose, vanilla and Darjeeling — all derived from eight months of maturation in oak barrels Shinichi Ishizuka is an award-winning manga artist who uses his personal experiences and pursuits to inspire the subject matter of his works.

The first British showing of two self-taught Japanese ceramicists alongside the return of a firm favourite, Shinichi Sawada, resulting in an exciting exhibition opportunity.

A Trip to Arnold's Park, Okoboji

An annual tasting event with IWC awarded Sake. The studio has since brought many tourists to the region through its animations which introduce the appeal of Fukushima and Tohoku to the world, and accompanying manga and animation museum Over the past 35 years, information has become increasingly digitalised, and this has also transformed the realm of design. In the digital era, design plays a crucial role in creating a more resilient, resourceful and sustainable society We have been a regular participant of Japan related events, such as Japan Festival and the Southbank Centre choir events, indtroducing Japanese music to UK.

Nobuko Tsuchiya is a Japanese artist best recognized for her eclectic sculptures, seemingly freely assembled almost entirely out of discarded scraps of familiar household objects such as plastic tubing, disused cables, mop buckets and even a disused bath tub. An elderly couple, Shukichi and Tomi, living in a small fishing village in Hiroshima, visit Tokyo to see their children and grandchildren. Come and enjoy a prelude to summer with us by immersing yourself in our feel-good comedy film season!. A rare opportunity to see an ancient female script—one created mainly by and for woman—come to life!

This seminar will look at the patterns of hate speech in the UK and Japan, exploring the form that hate speech takes, the challenges in eradicating it and the limitations of current measures The rapid evolution of digital technology is re-shaping traditional ways of practising both science and art. Technology provides an interception point that brings together these fields, generating beneficial interactions that support innovation and transformation.

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We would like to invite you to explore from the perspectives of both art and science how emerging digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, are expected to impact our societies. Artificial Intelligence AI is becoming a major topic of interest not only among policymakers and in the business world, but also in the arts. As AI becomes increasingly embedded into our society, the traditional boundaries between humans and technology will be less clear.

The exhibition AI We are delighted to welcome Professor Anand Menon, to brief Japan Society members in this extremely timely event. Following the European Union elections held between 23 — 26 May, Anand Menon will share his views on the future of Brexit and the wider European Union Family Firms as Institutions: Cultural reproduction and status maintenance among multicentenary shinise in Kyoto. Shinise are firms that have survived for more than a century often for three or four , have retained ownership within the family, and focus on traditional line of business such as sake brewing, confectionery, temple ornaments or textiles It is renowned for Oshima tsumugi, a kimono cloth dyed by dorozome mud-dyeing , an ancient technique that gives a unique black colour to textiles As the UK and Japan agree to forge a new strategic alliance, there are strong prospects for greater collaboration between the Japanese and UK higher education sectors One important yet lesser known aspect of the manga industry is the editing process.

Many manga artists are followed step by step by dedicated editors who have been appointed by their publishing houses and establish a close and mutual relationship with them during the development of the story on the page This exhibition is inspired by traditional Japanese designs seen in historical artefacts. Otherwise known as the Global Goals, the SDGs are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity This symposium will bring together researchers from across the fields of immunology, neuroscience, and microbiology, and will focus on how intestinal homeostasis is maintained by the gut tissue circuits.

Everything comes in waves is his first solo exhibition in London Immerse yourself in the strong and energetic sounds of Tsugaru-shamisen with a special concert by accomplished player OHNO Keisho Sansho Living is proud to showcase unique and beautiful Japanese ceramics and homeware, including flower vases, fruit bowls and lampshades all suitable for everyday western lifestyle Introduce Ishikawa Prefecture's traditional craft, performance and cuisine to UK audience.

The Legend of Mt. Tsukuba – Susan Spann, Adventure, Mystery, and Mountains

And oppotunity for business matching conference and tourism seminar Since the Gengo system began in the 7th century, the country has adopted almost eras. Sokol Books has a history with Japan going back some forty years and this has been at times exciting, frustrating but always enjoyable On Sunday 26 May Japan House London will host an exclusive one-hour sake tasting session with the brew master of Kayashima Brewery in Kyushu, who is visiting specially from Japan. The session is free to attend, and will explore a range of dry and sweet sake varieties. Guests must be over 18 years old to participate in sake tastings.

Enter a graphic world where art and storytelling collide in the largest exhibition of manga ever to take place outside of Japan. The largest exhibition of manga ever to take place outside of Japan. The Emperor System in Japan. The Japanese economy has been persistently sluggish over the past three decades, following the bursting of the s economic bubble.

The country seems to have been caught in economic and financial stagnation, incapable of reviving its growth and competitiveness This display explores the various ways in which gender and sexuality are portrayed in Japanese manga culture. This exhibition looks back over 12 years of the competition and celebrates the stories of the winning artists who have gone on to even bigger and brighter achievements.

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One defining characteristic of manga is its broad appeal — a major part of the Japanese publishing industry since the s, comics in Japan are read by all genders and ages and encompass a wide range of genres targeted to diverse demographic groups Exhibition at Vintage photography Collectors fair, an exhibition 36 rare photograhic views of Mount Fuji, taken in the 19th and early 20th centuries by a diverse group of photographers.

Japanese photography is without doubt one of the most admired art forms from Japan and has established its name as a respectable artistic genre from its introduction into the country In conversation with Andrew Nishiyama Taylor Targeted at university staff, it aims to provide information about programmes i teaching, studying and researching in Japan as well as network with relevent organisations. Hikikomori social withdrawal is one of the major social problems faced in modern Japanese society.

It appeared in the latter half of the s and has become a serious social problem since the s. For the first time KAMA-ASA, originally located in Asakusa, Tokyo is coming to London to introduce their Japanese kitchenware and tools, including knives, charcoal, cauldron, Japanese charcoal grill, kettles, Japanese kama pots, yukihiranabe aluminium cooking pan and wasabi graters Tea Tasting with Ippodo Tea Co.

English translation of Japanese traditions is a notoriously tricky endeavour, particularly in the world of craft. Without comprehensive fixed guidelines and conventions, terminology used to express names, provenance and styles of craft items can vary across Japan, causing confusion for visitors to Japan who wish to learn more Originally they were made by armourers in the late Edo and the Meiji period An exhibition of new works by artist Sophie Layton.

Japanese crafts are highly regarded and valued. However, translating specific craft-related terms is challenging and many of these terms are poorly translated.

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Interpretations often lack standardization, with the English terminology used to describe Japanese crafts varying depending upon the books or magazines that they appear in You'll have the opportunity to learn about manufacturing methods, as well as how to enjoy sake and what foods it can be paired with. There is a thing Kyotoites have maintained even in such a changing era The traditional Japanese lunch box, or bento, has undergone a number of metamorphoses over the long course of its history, becoming a staple and a unique point of pride in Japanese cuisine Sculptural brooches and unique earrings by three female Japanese jewellers are amongst the highly collectable and wearable art pieces in this special showcase Gifu Prefecture is located at the centre of Japan.

The Prefecture has flourished as a creative place for products since the olden times by utilizing its abundant and majestic nature and clear streams. Despite growing populism around the world, the rise of Trumpism and the Brexit labyrinth in the UK, Japan seems to be a relatively stable democracy. Japan has successfully advanced free trade initiatives in the Asia Pacific region and with Europe Piano Concert with pianist Masako Kamikawa Third Thursday Lectures:Tattoos, homesickness and adventure: British royals in Japan and Japanese royals in Britain in the 19th century.

Queen Victoria came into indirect contact with Japan in , but in the following year her second son spent several weeks in Japan and in the early s several members of the Japanese imperial family visited Britain, The Shinkansen, or bullet train, is an icon of Japan. The trains are some of the fastest in the world, reaching top speeds of mph, and are famously punctual Artist Talk by Kohei Nawa.

Award-winning artist, Kohei Nawa, is currently one of the most prominent names in the world of contemporary art. His iconic PixCell series — sculptural installations in which objects such as deer are overlaid with transparent glass beads — stormed the world at the beginning of the century Kazu and Fumi are running a law firm in downtown Osaka.

The two male lawyers are partners not only in business but also in marriage. People showing up at the firm for advice are faced with various problems such as being in a sexual minority, child protection issues, the lack of official family records or being the subject of lawsuits. In a British merchant was killed by samurai, in uncertain circumstances, at Namamugi — a quiet village near Yokohama.

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One year later, a British fleet bombarded the port of Kagoshima in response, reducing much of the city to ash This subtle, moving account of the tensions within a family is reminiscent of Ozu.. The Private View is an opportunity to have a first look at the works of the acclaimed Japanese artist Haruo Mitsuta.

In , one year after 9. She has studied manga art and modern arts in Kyoto, as well as animation in the Czech Republic. Her illustrations are a mix of Japanese manga style and European culture.

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It will be the first time for the orchestra to visit Finland, and other visits include cities in Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Japanese herbalism, or wakan, has an intricate origin and development story. Extracted from organic flora, the natural benefits of plants and roots native to Japan have long been applied to medicine, food as well as fragrance. More recently, as contemporary interest in harnessing the power of nature is on the up rise Over centuries, Japan has developed a colour palette unique to its nation and with deep connection to its inimitable nature. Kondo now faced an entirely new challenge to make his vision pay off.

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To add embellishments to a track, you might need to bargain with coders to discreetly leave one part of the map with the uneven texture of cobblestones. Worse still, the industry was undergoing a kind of reverse automation in lockstep with upscaling technology, replacing machines and machine-capable composers for actual musicians.

The synthetic twinkle of the former is unmistakably tied to the bit period, but the scratchy, layered textures of the latter break free from those associated tropes, and into an age of CD-quality sound design. Initially, Kondo resisted morphing his beloved bleep-and-bloop game music into real life music. So he rebelled by keeping things unreal. Vocal from as far back as about the changes sweeping through his profession, Kondo eventually embraced them, forging links to the past and casting forward imagined futures.

The sheer size of Ocarina of Time was unprecedented, which gave Kondo the freedom to let his imagination roam. As the game was being coded, he would build out his compositions from the trickle of development updates, tracing rhythms from Post-it Notes littered over his keyboard about woodland mazes and collapsing castles and Death Mountains. He waited for fitting motifs to drop into his brain, often while he was in the bath.

Sometimes, what was called for was pretty obvious. Other times, Kondo would need to conjure diegetic music that Link and other characters in the game respond to. Concision was key; so long as your N64 was on, the loops could replay endlessly. Many of the tracks on the officially released score that accompanied Ocarina of Time landed between only 30 and 70 seconds. Striking a balance between complexity and simplicity, Kondo deepened the range of expression while keeping it elemental.

What was particularly arresting about Ocarina of Time was its very un-Nintendo embrace of darkness. Here was a game you brought neighborhood friends round to share, curtains drawn, watching and listening intently—not just because it was expansive and fun and un-put-downable, but because this thing was off its axis. Characters age and die, clay zombies rise up to choke you, and dungeons full of enslaved prisoners spiral like M.

Escher paintings. All along, the music gets progressively more claustrophobic and forbidding. For once, negative space on audio tracks seemed like artistic license rather than technical limitation. When night falls, the music tapers off completely, leaving you exposed to the elements with nothing more than a bone chill for company. Capturing this psychological turmoil in a way that connected to a broad audience pushed Kondo harder than before.

A remake of Ocarina of Time in roused Kondo, like a great gatekeeper awoken by a sense of duty.